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January 19 show was at Chicago. Only a few made it from this city. Shania Twain, co-hosted this edition.

Here are some highlights from the show:

19-year-old Katelyn Epperly's beauty with blonde hair sang "Syrup and Honey." Her divorce story certainly pulled at America's heart strings. Shania thinks her voice has interesting qualities and sounds unique. Randy was impressed that Katelyn didnít sound anything like Duffy. Kara thinks she has potential but should do something with more energy. Simon says the lights are off. Shania thinks Katelyn has the voice of someone who could have a hit song. Despite Kara and Simonís reservations, Katelyn gets unanimous yeses.

Angela Martin is no stranger to American Idol auditions; she was cut in season seven and had to be dismissed in season eight. Although she has the determination of a pit bull, I'm afraid she will be disappointed again this year. With all the beauty and talent in American Idol's season nine, Martin's version of "Just Fine" was not spectacular -- and that's what it takes to win the Idol crown.

The funniest part of the show was the fat girl Amy with big boobs. She pretended to pass out at first, which had the judges puzzled. Then she suddenly got up and started singing Aretha Franklin. her voice wasn't that bad, but singing wasn't great. Judges said no to her. At the end she started shaking her boobs up and down. She showed disappointment for not taking the singing seriously.

Charity Vance is 16 and works in her familyís hair salon. She warns that sheíll freak out if she gets a golden ticket. She sang ďSummertime." Randy and Shania were both pleasantly surprised. Shania likes Charityís personal style. Simon liked that she sang a version of the song unique to her. She gets a pass to Hollywood.

Angela Martin a black girl that had auditioned in season 7 and 8 is back. She made Top 50 in season 8. She explains that she had to drop out due to a court date. She gets a pass to Hollywood very easily. Let's see how she will do this season.

Though they donít mention it on the show, unfortunately, Angelaís story might not have a happy ending. News broke late last month that her mom disappeared on Christmas, and so far, I donít think thereís been any other news about what happened. Depending on how that turns out, we may not see Angela in Hollywood again after all.

John Park from Illinois was certainly a surprise at the Chicago American Idol auditions. That low key in "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" was unexpected and gives him a unique edge in the competition as far as range is concerned. Shania says he has a nice bottom end. Saucy. She means the low end of his range sounds good. After some joking around, John gets four yeses. Kara warns the judges that theyíre going to hear a lot of screaming in a minute. Heh. Shania decides to choose her words more carefully next time. Thatís okay, Shania, no oneís paying attention to you anyway.

Paige DeChausse, 21, had an inspirational story. After almost dying from an asthma attack, this girl is determined to live her musical dream. After her audition with "A Change is Gonna Come," the judges were not impressed. Simon votes no. Shania isnít completely convinced, but she says yes. Kara does, too, since she sees potential. The women try to convince Randy to give Paige a chance. Shania thinks that Paige needs to work on her personality. Randy notes that Paige has Shania Twain on her side.

Kara and Shania keep trying to convince Randy into saying yes. Randy finally says yes and she is through.

Keith Semple, Justin Ray, Keith Semple and a handful of others also received golden . In all, 13 people out of 12,000 participants will be going to California. How far these 13 will get depends on their ability to remember the lyrics, adapt to other genres and grow in the judges' eyes.
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Angela Martin and Charity Vance where pretty good. I think both are top 12 material.
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good episode. i grew up in the Chi! Go Chicago!

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