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Top 12 girls sang on this night show. At the end 2 will be eliminated by users votes. final 12. Each week two guys and two girls will be eliminated for the next 3 weeks until we are down to the final 12.

Simon says what stood out about this group of girls is that they are close, some are good and some are not.

Randy says it’s make it or break it, you gotta be great or be mad at yourself.

Ellen says they need to do what is going to keep people glued to the television, be everything you can possibly be.

Ryan asks why Ellen has moved beside Randy… Ellen says the problem as to why she doesn’t want to sit beside Simon is because he ‘wants me’ ….so she has moved to sit beside Randy. They show tape of Simon putting his hand on Ellens leg during rehearsal while she smacks it off!!

Here are the recaps:

Michelle Delamor age 22, loves having her family with her is probably the best part of this experience so far. She hopes to make her family proud.

Alicia Keys song “Keep on falling in and out of love with you”

Ellen said that was fantastic! Feels she did a safe song because it seemed easy to Michelle, thinks she was great, but knows she can do better, but still amazing

Simon thinks she did well, professional, close to original, not as good as original, not one moment he thought wow, needs to work on doing something different, looks fantastic

Kara, very commercial looking, moments it wasn’t great, going for diva spot, wants her to become unique, believe it more, has good things and can get there.

Randy, tough song to do, but did a pretty good job, has more in her, great voice, great look, take risks and show something nobody else has shown yet.
Paige Miles (age 24)

Her favorite moment thus far is that she had Michael Jacksons back up singers in her last performance and she feels she did well.

‘It’s Alright’ by Free is her song for this week. This attractive 24 year old seems comfortable on stage.

Simon says: he thinks out of all the girls she has the best voice but wouldn’t have chosen that song. He thinks it’s about self belief and you have to believe.

Kara says: Disagrees with Simon, thinks the song is great and she got to put her soul in it, and she has a ‘ridiculous voice”

Randy says: Not right choice for song, but she has powerful big voice. Great Job!!

Ellen says: agrees and disagrees with everyone and tells Paige that she has to be nervous as she is the first one on, but did a great job.

Paige says she feels she did ok, has been waiting to pee for about 5 hours while she has been ‘sewn in’ her outfit!

Ashley Rodriguez 22 She said she didn’t realize Simon was so ‘quirky’ and that he had made fun of Jordan Sparks song in her previous audition.

Ashley begins the competition with: Leona Lewis song “Happy”

Kara remarks that is was a big song to take on, nice moments where she hit some good notes, but moments that weren’t great. Thinks she will go forward, take on songs they don’t expect her to sing and she will shine.

Randy: great big vocal, but problem is she will always be compared to the original artist, needs to be her song and she didn’t make it ‘hers’

Ellen, agrees with Randy, wants her to step out and do something to take a risk.

Simon says this is not going too well, he thought it was clumsy, didn’t like arrangement, thinks she is going backwards, doesn’t see her as contemporary artist.

Ashley seemed upset with the judges comments, but Ryan told her if she continues on, she is to take the judges comments to improve herself.

Lilly Scott (20) is up next. Last year she was living out of her car and is excited to be there. She thinks this is her one moment to show people how she can perform.

The Beatles (Fixing A Hole)

Her punk rock look is different, but her voice is powerful. Playing the guitar, she takes the stage.

Ellen this is what we are talking about..a random song choice, distinctive voice, great presence, loved it!

Simon says she is the best so far…he felt she sang that song because she liked it but doesn’t feel ‘star power’ from her…maybe because of nerves, but it was the best so far.

Kara says she is believable, comes from heart, feels at ease, comfortable, came through in performance, everyone will remember her tonight.

Randy loves her as real artist, said she doesn’t care what is popular, she is herself.

Lilly was happy with the comments.

Didi Benami (age 23) who tells us her defining moment was when she sang Kara’s song at the audition, , but seeing Kara smile made it ok.

Didi chose “The Way I Am”, by Ingrid Michaelson

Simon thinks she is a good singer, but the problem tonight is too many people trying to sound like the same person, dreary song, missing spark to excite him in the real world that was dull performance.

Kara agrees and disagrees, she made some creative changes, showing another level, bit pitchy in some parts.

Randy…agrees with Simon, wonders tonight where is the ‘star factor’, song is cool, sounded great, just too dull.

Ellen told her if this was a show and this was one set, it was ok, but if people are to vote for you the first impression was ok not great.

Simon says tonight should be like your first kiss, you need to remember, you need to be different, unique, and star…

Hayley Vaughn, age 16, got her nose pierced after making it to Hollywood

Life has changed so much since her audition, a dream come true

Hayleys choice for tonights competition is “I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles.

Playing the guitar, dressed in white mini dress,

Kara comments that technically, there were problems, but one thing is for sure, she comes has fun, everyone feels it…she makes up for what she can’t do by having fun

Randy agrees with Kara, unpredictability, being bold, but top of vocals she can’t hit high notes as well, drop they key a little, great possibilities,

Ellen says the fact that she is 16, she has so much presence on stage, she shines, doesn’t know much about technically, as someone who likes music, Ellen enjoyed it.

Simon thought she was verging on a wind up doll that never stopped smiling, a complete utter mess.

She came close to making the final 24 last season, Lacey Brown is the next to take the stage.

She chose Fleetwood Mac’s “Changing Times”

Randy amazing song written by Stevie Nix, wrong song for her, terrible, pitchy, didn’t suit her voice.

Ellen agrees, thinks she is better than that, if she is back next week, she needs to do a different song.

Simon, quite depressing, after 15 seconds thought how much longer we going to have to listen to this, feels she is trying to work out who she is, but her performance was boring.

Kara she usually hits those notes with ease, thinks the song was bad, hopes America gives her another shot.

Ryan asks why she chose that song, Lacey says she loves it, the song talks about coming out and being your own person, was surprised about Simon saying it was boring, she disagrees with Simon. Simon thinks she has nice eyes.

Katelyn Epperly (age 19) first audition was her favorite as Shania Twain complimented her.

1969 Oh Darling is her song choice.

Dressed in black, complete with feather in her hair, she certainly looks the part for the song choice.


Simon, even though there were elements where she began to scream, very messy, he likes her, she is quirky, song was brave, needs a lot of work, but he likes her.

Kara; she knows her voice very well, switches melodies, register, switched it in the doesn’t like her make over especially the red lipstick.

Randy thinks it’s fine…loves her because everyone is concerned with doing runs..real art is singing melody and switched it up…has a big voice, can go places

Ellen: didn’t know if she was pushing too hard, but whatever it was, interesting, great voice, but felt it was pushed, amazing voice.

Ryan asks what the ‘word bubble’ was when Kara made her remarks,
Katelyn replies that she is all over the place with style, tried to make herself a little ‘rockish’ tonite. Kara thinks her word bubble was ‘bitch’…which gets laughter and applause from the audience.

Ryan talks with the next contestant to perform;

Janell Wheeler (age 24)

Simon was not her biggest fan in Orlando, her goal was to impress him when she got to Hollywood. Her Hollywood audition did impress him and she was happy about that.

Dressed in purple and skin tight jeans, this pretty blonde is ready to perform.

‘What about love’ by Heart is the song Janell has chosen to perform tonight.

Randy…dawg dawg…wasn’t his favorite song choice for her, likes her voice, but song choice didn’t work for her, has vibes from her that she’s a good performer.

Ellen, likes song choice, sang well, a couple notes off, moved easily on stage, liked her song, likes her.

Simon she gave 100% effort delivered 65%, when she thought it was going well she got off key, thinks she will survive this week.

Kara likes her, agrees, song is too big for her and that she needs to chose other songs that she can make her own.

Ryan, asks Randy what type of song to do….he says always chose a song you can bring something different to that the original.

Next up we have;

Siobhan Magnus performing “Wicked Game’ by Chris Issac

Her last performance in audition gave her confidence, she was called a ‘dark horse’ but didn’t have any idea what that meant.

Kara begins with the comment that she ‘wouldn’t have picked it, but kinda liked her on that song, a little nasal, but she likes that Siobhan is ‘in the moment’ when she is singing, feels real, sets her apart, living it and breathing it.’

Randy says it was definitely a tough song, a serious song, great voice, knows she can ‘blow’ after her Stevie Wonder song in Hollywood.

Ellen loved it, forgot they were in singing competition, thought she was being entertained, said she was mysterious, and she liked it a lot.

Simon said a really funny thing, as they never know what she will do, liked song, didn’t love it, not nearly as good as Stevie Wonder song in Hollywood, was very dark song, maybe she is a dark person’ then asks why did she chose it, she thinks its beautiful, wanted to show she can hit loud notes but has softer side too.

Crystal Bowersox (age 24)

This young mother never watched past seasons, didn’t think this was for her, but her son was reason she needed to try out and step it up.

Crystal chose to perform the Atlantis Morissette song ‘In My Pocket’

Crystal plays guitar and harmonica during this performance. Her dreadlocks set her apart from the other contestants, as well as she plays the guitar and harmonica during her performance.

She did a good job. Crystal seems very true to herself and has talent.

Randy is the first to remark that she is one of his favorites tonight, for originality, loves the honesty , not sure it was right song, he just likes her and she will do her own thing, he’s a fan.

Ellen is fan as well, tells her they are lucky she decided to audition, adds something fresh to show, would vote for her.

Simon said she did good, likes her, loves her baby, truth is there are thousands of her outside subway station, she did a ‘sound alike’ but needs to do something that is different, like a David Bowie song, she is refreshing will do well in this competition.

Kara thinks she was good, has seen moments of building performance, didn’t see it so much tonight, tells her ‘don’t be just a coffeehouse performance but be unique.’

17 year old Katie Stevens closes show…

Kara said for 17 she is amazing at her first audition.

‘Feeling Good’ by Michael Goulet is her choice of song for her first performance in the top 24.

Ellen…feels it was good/great, great voice, she was conservative, wants to see her be 17, fresh, modern, the song was a little old for her.

Simon, agrees with Ellen, like her mom and dad dressed her and gave her song, her performance started to become annoying like he had heard this performance before, she has to become like a young recording artist.

Kara, problem is that she thinks she didn’t hear herself, she was pitchy, natural gift, ridiculous chops, hopes she gets another shot, when she listens to this she will see that it wasn’t her best performance.

Randy she pushed too hard and all notes were going sharp, reminds him of Jordan Sparks, young it up, be 17, you are only 17 once have fun with it.

Ryan asks Katie if she can embrace being young, and she says yes, she agrees totally with the judges.

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