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American Idol Guys Night Recap, Top 12, Feb 24, 2010

Top 12 guys perform in this nights show. @ will be eliminated. Here is a recap:

Tim Urban (age 20)
Song Choice: “Apologize” by One Republic

Ellen: song was wrong choice, couldn’t hit high notes, if he closes eyes and listens he would see that, girls will vote for him because he is adorable
Simon: made right decision first time by not putting him thru, vocals weak, didn’t come over as a performer, don’t think his voice is good enough
Kara: music overpowers him, with guitar he was more organic, here he was buried under beat, likeable, cute, current, if he goes forward he needs to chose different songs
Randy: wrong song, none of it worked, thinks he’s better than that song showed him to be

Aaron Kelly (age 16)
Song Choice: “Here comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts

Ellen: thinks he will be here a long time, gain confidence, will get better and better
Simon: was quite good bearing in mind it was his first show, thinks he looks embarrassed to be there and not much confidence, has to take control of song, all about self belief
Kara: favorite kind of contestant, no idea how great your raw talent is, more confidence he gets, he will do better, thinks we wills see incredible things from him
Randy: huge voice, a couple pitchy moments, big fan, needs more confidence

Jermaine Sellars (age 27)
Song Choice: “Get Here” by Oleta Adams

Ellen: huge fan, loves his look, loves song, felt he singing more as performance than feeling it, pushing too much, trying too hard
Simon: kind of song for playing piano in cocktail bar, oversang the song, sounded like he was screaming, thinks he totally blew his chance with that song, thinks he is better than he performed
Kara: wanted to show everyone his range, from bottom to top, should be about making it meaningful to impact audience, make it special, felt too old for his age
Randy: loved song, weird choice, too much vocally, sing melody, has big ability

Toderick Hall (AGE 24)
Song Choice: “Since you been gone” by Kelly Clarkson

Ellen: yep, audience reaction is what he was looking for, chorus rough, singing wasn’t greatest but good performer
Simon: He came over as a dancer who was trying to sing, what he did was murder the original song, verging on stupid
Kara: strong singer, don’t have to change arrangement that much, undeniable he is a performer, took risk, doesn’t have to go that crazy, end of day shows he is being creative
Randy: is a fan, he can dance, didn’t even sound like same song, never want to take a song and completely change it, good chops

Tyler Grady (age 20)
Song Choice: American Woman

Ellen: has poses of 70’s but lacks charisma and excitement of those artists, gotta work on singing and not just make poses, get into performance
Simon: plus side, people will remember that , downside, for the wrong reason, pretends to be a rock star, doesn’t feel natural, not enough time spent on vocals, needs to change it up a bit
Kara: agrees with Simon, obsession with 70’s, needs to add something original to it, bring it into this decade
Randy: style over substance, change the game, bring something into 2010, be original

Joe Munoz (age 20)
Song Choice: “You and I Both” by Jason Mraz

Ellen: so comfortable on stage, great presence, liked it, sounded great
Simon: kind of agree, have to get out of the bubble, based on performance, don’t think he is the best artist, failed to take his time to show us he has potential to be a star, could easily forget him
Kara: liked he picked a song she never thought he’d sing, was up front and center, could hear his voice, a few issues with chorus, so far the best tonite, not great but most consistent
Randy: not quite perfect song choice, loves his voice, did a good job

John Park (age 21)
Song Choice: God Bless The Child (Jazz)

Ellen: song won’t get young girls to pick up phone and vote, liked performance, he sounded great, wishes it was a different song, hopes he gets another chance
Simon: you have got to have an incredible voice to take on that song, but he hasn’t got it, came over as flat, zero emotion, pointless performance, didn’t show what kind of artist he would be
Kara: agrees with Simon, a big voice, no connection, a bit loungy, sleepy, almost indulgent, doesn’t know where he goes in todays music industry, has a voice and can sing
Randy: song made him feel old, song didn’t suit him, wasn’t his style

Michael Lynche (age 26)
Song Choice: “This Love” by Maroon Five

Ellen: you have personality, loves that about him, constantly smiles, great song choice, a few pitch problems, loves watching him
Simon: big guy, big heart, delivered so little on that performance, has to nail the song and have people listen to him as an artist, is better than that performance
Kara: was depressing in there till he performed, wasn’t outrageously great, comfortable
Randy: agrees with Ellen, brought energy up, fun character

Lee Dewyze (age 23)
Song Choice: “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

Ellen: really good song choice, except when he started screaming, loved tone of voice, great and distinctive sound, thinks he should stay
Simon: thought it was best performance of the night thus far, a naturally good singer, believes in him, find song and turn it into ‘his’ version, a good voice, will do really well in this competition
Kara: song has small range, tried to change it up, but almost made song unrecognizable, needs soul or blues and attack it
Randy: dawg, disagrees with Ellen, a little too rangy, more pop rock song, he is more of a rocker, didn’t quite work for him, chose songs he can sink teeth into

American Idol - Casey jamesCasey James (age 27)
Song Choice: Heaven

Ellen: jokingly says he was very hard to hear, could feel Kara undressing him with her eyes, then serious note said he sounded great, will get votes like crazy
Simon: understands they were both cursed with good looks, all kidding aside, he chose the right song, very honest, sincere, likeable, this was best performance from him since he entered competition
Kara: JOKINGLY said she doesn’t recognize him with shirt on, hard to listen to that, thinks he was pitchy when she was in his arms!! Seriously she says he can sing well, can play the guitar, and he has heart and soul
Randy: from one dude to another, like him, great song choice, likes voice

Alex Lambert (age 19)
Song Choice: “Wonderful World” by James Morrison

Ellen: likes him, he’s adorable, a great voice, holding on to mic too tightly, needs confidence, needs to ‘ripen’
Simon: don’t know who was happier for that to end, most uncomfortable performance of the night, staring into camera, good voice, but if he can’t get nerves together, he can’t make it
Kara: wants to hug him, sounds like James Morrison, a problem but a huge compliment, huge vocals, not completely together, great potential, adorable, believe in yourself
Randy: do with conviction, great tone, pull it together, he likes him, hopes he sticks around

Andrew Garcia (age 24)
Song Choice: “Sugar we’re going down” by Fall Out Boys

Ellen: lots of fans, go back to doing what he did in Hollywood, needs to be himself, needs to open up, thinks he will stick around
Simon: looking forward to hearing him, but was disappointed, too serious, too indulgent, not himself, took no risk tonight, fantastic recording voice, gotta do better
Kara: took a risk, but strange rendition of that song, likes him, hope he comes back for many weeks, he’s great
Randy: arrangement was strange, is a fan of him, remembers him well from Hollywood, go back to being yourself

Overall it seems the guys did a better job than women, but Simon think this year the women are better and a woan will win.
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kind of hard to recap when the first week sucked so bad

only bright spot was Casey

biggest dissappointement was Andrew

hope it gets better this week.

you can see all the songs sung each week and download them if you want here:

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