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Here is the review of 3/2/19 Top 10 Boys show:

Lee DeWyze -- Hinder "Lips of an Angel"

Lee is no Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice or David Cook -- yet. He's not as fierce, bold or as good at arranging songs, but thank God for him. His raspy, rock voice has been a major reprieve from mediocrity and boredom this season. Simon said he "may be the one to beat" simply because we'd actually listen to him on the radio or pay money to see him.

Aaron Kelly -- The Temptations "My Girl"

A dull, obvious song pick, but he did give it a country spin. He sounded a little shaky, but right now just getting through the songs without many bum notes is enough to survive. I'd love to see him do something that didn't require blowing the dust off it first.

Casey James -- Gavin DeGraw "I Don't Wanna Be"

Not nearly as swoon-worthy as last week's "Heaven," but Casey still gets points for stage presence. And mad guitar licks. But as the judges pointed out, this is a singing competition, not Guitar Hero. Casey gave the song a cool rock vibe, but it was a bad pick. He should stick with bluesier, rock songs. Still, the guy looks alive when he's signing -- unlike some of the singers who have a zombified look in their eyes. No chance Casey is going home, not even after his biggest fan, Kara, told him he took "two steps back."

Todrick Hall -- Tina Turner "What's Love Got to Do With It"

No, my friend, no. Here's the problem with Todrick (who made a good point when he mentioned to the judges that he thought they wanted the singers to change up the songs) he doesn't know what to do with a song. He rearranges it, and makes it bad. The run at the end of the song was very cool, but the slowed down version of "What's Love Got to Do With It" sounded weird. And unfortunately for Todrick, he had the unbelievably cheesy-sounding backup vocals backing him up.

Alex Lambert -- John Legend "Everybody Knows"

I love this guy. I was surprised to read comments by some people who hated his performance last week. Of all the guys, he's got the coolest voice. If he gets over the need to yack every time he's about to go on stage (maybe he could sing in his made up language that sounded suspiciously like Spanish), he could end up being the most commercially successful of all the guys. The song was boring, and his stage presence is nil, but this was a massive improvement.

Andrew Garcia -- James Morrison "You Give Me Something"

Another disappointment from Andrew only because, as the judges mentioned, he set the bar so, so high with his cool cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." (Who would think your highest moment would be having covered a Paula Abdul song?) Since then, he hasn't picked the exact right song and he hasn't ripped the hair off anyone in the audience. I still love Andrew -- his amazing, radio-ready voice, his ability to change any song and just that he seems like a nice, normal guy. But he needs to go big. Aside from a few bigger moments, "You Give Me Something" was boring. He has to find a happy medium between his folksy, behind-the-guitar self and something flashy, but fitting, that makes him stand out.

John Park -- John Mayer "Gravity"

I want to ban the three M's on this season of "Idol" -- no more Mayer, Mraz or Morrison.
Those three singers require not just great vocals, but a lot of emotion and charisma. Otherwise, their songs are a snore. John needs a master's class in emotion. He has a great voice, one of the best, but this was a dirge. Unlike last week, when he made the beautifully melancholy "God Bless the Child" sound like a Disney movie theme song, this week, "Gravity" was like a funeral hymn. He sounded a lot better in the couple seconds at the end of the show when they were putting up the contestants' phone numbers since his lack of emotion didn't matter so much. I want John to stay because he could do something interesting with that voice of his, but if by some miracle he gets another week on the show, he should just pick a song out of a hat.

Tim Urban -- Matt Nathanson "Come On Get Higher"

Tim chose wisely this time. He went with something young, hip and that hasn't been done to death on "Idol" and that was within his talent range. It never got above third place in a high school talent show, but I believed him. Ellen's suggestion that he think about getting into acting isn't a bad one -- the Tween Nation would go crazy for him. On "Idol," he's out of his league, in "High School Musical 30," he'd rule the world.

Michael Lynche -- James Brown "It's a Man's Man's World"

Nobody looks as comfortable on stage as Michael does. He doesn't have the best voice of all the guys, although he definitely has a good one, but he's got personality. He chose the right song, made it sound modern and dared the audience not to like it. In other "Idol" seasons, it wouldn't have deserved Randy's standing O, but based on how this crop of guys has performed so far, Michael is near the top. I'm not blown away by him, but he does what he needs to -- he sings well and he entertains.

Jermaine Sellers -- Marvin Gaye "What's Going On"

More weirdness from Jermaine and I don't mean the part when he kept saying he'd be OK because he knows God. Does that mean that he knows God will comfort him when he gets booted off "Idol"? Jermaine fills the slot of the alto-voiced guy who can sing Michael Jackson songs, kind of like Corey Clark. Controversy or no, Corey had an interesting voice. I could see Jermaine singing something like "My Cherie Amour" except he'd mess it up. He'd do vocal gymnastics all over the place, and turn it into a circus freak show. Jermaine needs to go. He can hit some big notes, but it's not worth sitting through a sleepy, lounge-lizardy, performance to get to them. He did do something smart when the song was over -- he asked the judges to tell him what song to sing.
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Hi Admin,

I would love to have a TODD RUNDGREN WEEK ON AI in the next season!!!
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Ditto! I also think this is the best idea! Not only for American Idol, but for the viewing public at large! American's watching this show would really appreciate the American Idol showcasing an American Icon! Who are we in for next... David Bowie? Another Artist from overseas? After all he did write the song *I'm afraid of American's* Maybe bring back Elton John? No wait that didn't go so well... Elton SLAMMED American Idol! So listen up AI for goodness sakes , SHOWCASE an American ICON like Todd Rundgren!!!!!
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Hey Admin,

Why don't you at least pay us respect of a reply to ALL these posts?

Or should we talk about the T-Shirts they wore?
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We are not going away anytime soon, please show us a little professional courtasy and respond back to Todd Rundgren Week on American Idol.

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