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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animated American adventure & fantasy TV series that has garnered up to 5.6 million viewers in a single showing. Avatar, a term originating from the Indian language of Sanskrit meaning "descent" Band of Brothers [spam], was conceived & produced by executive producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, together with Aaron Ehasz. The series was initially broadcasted on February 21, 2005 & was concluded on July 19, 2008 with a much-acclaimed two-hour TV movie. Avatar series has been nominated for or bagged awards from 2005 Pulcinella Awards, Annual Annie Awards, the Genesis Awards, the primetime Emmy awards and a Peabody Award to name a few.Set in an Asian-influenced world Stanley Kubrick box set, Avatar combines numerous noticeable elements of Chinese martial & elemental manipulation. It is also widely known, that Avatar's universe was created & shaped by borrowing significantly from Asian art & mythology. The show tastefully merges together various essentials from typical Asian culture Sons of Anarchy 1-2 uk, while expertly adding the charismatic styles of US cartoons & anime. The character designs Stanley Kubrick box set, though notably similar to anime Homicide Life on the Street , aren't usually regarded as "anime" because they are animation originating from the U.S. The majority of the writing in the show, however, is written in using conventional-style Asian calligraphy.The world Britney Spears singles collection My Name Is Earl [spam] set Woody Allen box set, in which Avatar the last Airbender is set, is the dwelling place of humans Sons of Anarchy complete sets, as well as imaginative animals & spirits. It has four nations into which all humanity has been separated into: the Earth Kingdom [spam] complete series, which is linked to the season spring, the Fire Nation Britney Spears cds The Hills - the complete boxset, which is linked to the season summer Leave It To Beaver complete series [spam], Air nomads My Name Is Earl [spam] set, which are linked to the season autumn, & the Water Tribes, which are linked to the season winter. Each nation possesses its own identifiable natural element, upon which the foundation of its society is built. In the world of the Avatar, there is only one personality at any given time that can jointly use all four elements Major on [spam], and he or she is called an Avatar. This personality is presented in human form in the show series. When the old Avatar dies Monty Pythonís Flying Circus [spam] set, he or she is reawakened into the subsequently nation's Avatar Cycle, in the progression of the seasons.This series follows the escapades of Aang, the leading protagonist & hero, & his companions Pretty Little Liars [spam] uk edition Stanley Kubrick collection in movies, whose mission is to save & resuscitate the world from the malevolence of the Fire Lord by Lois & Clark [spam] set The Hills complet, bring an end to the vicious & damaging war with the Fire Nation. Though, this remarkable series has come to an end, there are various merchandise available in the consumer market based on the series; such as video games Pretty Little Liars boxed set, card games Major [spam], stuffed animals, & actions figures to name a few.

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