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The Last Airbender fantasy movie based on the famous Television series aired in Nickelodeon Daria boxset, Avatar, the last airbender has its release date on 1st of July 2010 in United States. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the maker of movies like Sixth Sense, The Happening Star Trek Enterprise the complete series [spam], Signs Daria [spam], The Village and others One Tree Hill [spam], this one is a live action film adapted from the first season of the TV show by the same name. Distributed by Paramount Pictures, this movie is 103 minutes long with terrific visual effects and martial art scenes.Cast:Young Noah Ringer played the role of Aang Series , the avatar in the movie. His unconventional looks went well with his character. Beautiful Nicola Peltz plays the role of Katar Star Trek Enterprise full box set, A fourteen years old girl who was one of the prime guards safeguarding Aang in his adventurous journey and the last of the water benders. Her 15 years old warrior brother Hustle complete [spam] collection Deep Space Nine series [spam], Sokko's role has been aptly played by the very handsome Jackson Rathbone. Dev Patel, though foreign to Hollywood, but has got very well mixed with the Asian influence in the movie. His performance as the Fire nation's sixteen years old price Zoko was outstanding. Apart from the four main characters Fringe custom [spam] Star Trek Original complete collection series uk True Blood all seasons box set, other actors also played their role with equal emphasis and importance.Storyline:Plot of the movie as based on the TV show is very intriguing and attention arresting. The makers have followed the synopsis of the show very closely. It is about the Avatar and his teams lone combat with the Fire realm to save the world. The four nations namely; Water Desperate Housewives - the complete series Deep Space Nine complete series 1-7, Earth Family Guy buy Fringe [spam] set, Fire and Air are all at jeopardy due to the vicious war launched by the wrathful price of the Fire nation. Aang's character is a versatile Avatar Hogan's Heroes boxset, who is capable of having power over all the elements of Mother Nature. He fights back for survival of his own self and his kingdom. The movie is based on the opening season of the Avatar Nip/Tuck [spam] compleat series, the last Airbender.Visual effects:The Last Airbender showcases marvelous visual effects. Cinematographer Andrew Lesnie has done a very remarkable job in the movie. The movie made with a budget of around $280 million is a superb feast for the eyes of the spectators. Being a 3D movie, the entire conversion only cost around $10 million. The filming of the movie started in Greenland on March 2009. The creation of fire Fringe boxsets [spam] complete seasons Star Trek Enterprise all seasons box set, water, air effects and other creatures in 3D was astounding.

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