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Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:32 am Reply with quote
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It's no longer Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It doesn't even look like it's going to be Kate Plus Eight. Things are getting that heated. Many have watched the drama as it drones on for the sextuplets plus the twins. They have to face this day in and day out.It all started with what people say was abuse. Many have said that Kate never fully loved her husband. Many husbands say she was a bit on the controlling side. Well The [spam] buy Tales From The Crypt complete seasons Disney 100 Years complete seasons Star War complete box set Friday Night Lights entire series [spam] Star War box set The Man Show complete set star trek Enterprise seasons on [spam] The OC complete box set, things have only gotten worse from there. From many saying that Jon emptied the bank account to so much more.Then what about those kids? They have always been a bit on the wild side Nurse Jackie season 1 [spam] Arthur Rubinstein collection [spam] Desperate Housewives [spam] collection germany [spam] Slayer [spam] Alias [spam] Star Trek Movies [spam] set Xena warrior princess [spam] The [spam] complete set How I Met Your Mother season 1-5 Britney Spears [spam], but as of lately from the footage shot The Twilight Zone series buy Tales From The Crypt [spam] Eureka full set, they have doubled the extreme behavior. They are off the walls and many blame the fame that was impressed upon them.The drama that television has seen between the parents that many have fallen in love with have given a fear that the same thing will happen to other reality show parents. It seems many that come on television leave in disaster.Many also wonder why the show has to end. Many say they fell in love with Kate anyways as she was the backbone of the family. She birthed the children and she also seemed to have worn the pants. The drama continues [spam] Slayer box sets James Bond [spam] set Tales From The Crypt box sets mash complete set star trek Enterprise coplete series Xena warrior princess complete seasons, but without a show.As more reality shows come on the air GI Joe complete series Nurse Jackie complete collection star trek Enterprise [spam] set all seasons The 4400 complete box set, one is left to wonder how long they will last. The debate is ever out about how healthy letting all the world see your business is. This is especially true for children that age. Are reality people doomed? Well Six Feet Under complete seasons The Vampire Diaries complete seasons Desperate Housewives [spam] complete series [spam] Slayer [spam] Six Feet Under [spam] James Bond [spam] Family Guy complete set The Golden Girls complete box set, this family is as the whole nation watches.

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