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Okay [spam] series [spam] The [spam] [spam] set, most of you have already watched Iron Man 2 which had recently hit the theaters. I bet most of you were rather confused (and maybe a little disappointed) to discover that some of the great scenes shown in the promotional clips and trailers are not even in the movie.Example of one such cut scene is the hilarious 'kiss me for good luck' moment where Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) kisses Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) Iron Man helmet and tosses it out the back of a cargo plane.Then there was another scene that got cut which was the scene where Tony teaches his new assistant South Park [spam] sets The [spam] complete series on [spam] set, Natalie Rushman Cold Case series [spam] [spam] whole series Batman series The Shield series buy, aka the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Arrested Development series set The [spam] [spam] set in canada The Good Wife season [spam] first ER the complete series [spam] The Next Generation buy Batman full [spam] collection cheapest price, how to shoot one of his gauntlet repulsors at his birthday party.Well Clint Eastwood [spam] set One Tree Hill complete collection The X files boxset uk Hogan's Heroes box set complete, director Jon Favreau had finally explained why these scenes didn't make it into the Final Cut of Iron Man 2 [spam] - complete collection [spam] LA [spam] set, in his recent interview with MTV."There's a scene that leads up to (Pepper throwing Iron Man's helmet off of the plane) that's wonderful The [spam] complete seasons Ally McBeal season 5 The Tudors series [spam] collection [spam] [spam] set Gossip Girl complete boxset Spartacus Blood and Sand series [spam], but what it does is it ruins a surprise and ruins the momentum of the movie at the beginning. There's a little bit of a misdirect that we wanted to sell and the reveal of him landing on the stage for the first time is better (without that scene)." explained Favreau."The relationship between Tony and Pepper is so special to the audience that if you let him and Scarlett get too flirty and close Breaking Bad [spam] uk Lost complete seasons [spam] 1 to 7, the audience turns off very quickly." added Favreau.So basically The Next Generation complete series Friday Night Lights [spam] The [spam] complete collection [spam] full set [spam], these scenes was cut to make sure the story could maintain the interest of the audiences.Nevertheless Friends complete collection Ally McBeal complete series Clint Eastwood animated Hogan's Heroes complete [spam] series Two And A Half Men the complete collection Babylon 5 buy Gossip Girl the complete series [spam], Favreau had confirmed that all of the cut scenes will be available on the Iron Man 2 [spam].So [spam] buy Veronica Mars complete [spam] series The Shield [spam] complete set The [spam] box sets Stargate SG-1 [spam], if you are still curious about these missing'll just have to wait till the [spam] is released.I wonder if the [spam] would have any sexy Scarlet Johansson bikini scenes that didn't make it. Smile

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