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Over the years the Looney Tunes was one of the most popular series of cartoons. The animated cartoon series commenced production in 1930 by Warner Bros and over the period 1930 to 1969 the cartoon characters have appeared in many movie theatres. The Merrie Melodies series of cartoons also produced by Warner Bros. aired in parallel with the Looney Tunes and both merged together by 1944.There have been over one hundred Looney Tunes characters over the years with some of the most popular characters include:- Bug Bunny is the fast moving animated rabbit Psych box set Private Practice special box Sons of Anarchy complete series set [spam] tv show [spam] Foyle's War box set complete Supernatural the complete serries [spam] The Twilight Zone full [spam], the over confident and crazy trickster.- Daffy Duck is one of the original characters ranged from a zany bouncing around character to a ruthless duck seeking the limelight.- Porky Pig was the mild mannered fat little pig who balanced out some of the crazier characters.- Elmer Fudd is the dim witted hunter who does not have the courage to move in for the kill [spam] complete series [spam] [spam] 1-4 Everybody Hates Chris [spam] uk edition American Pie [spam] collection Sanctuary complete Intelligence [spam] compleat series American Pie films [spam] full [spam] collection cheapest price Nip/Tuck box set complete series Numb3rs complete [spam] Battlestar Galactica [spam] collection, he is taunted by all and does not realize it.- Sylvester is the cat who forever pursues the ever elusive Tweety Bird.- Tweety Bird is the little yellow canary that the world fell in love with. Tweety always remains unruffled even when facing danger from Sylvester the cat.- Wile E Coyote the speedy coyote Leave It To Beaver the complete serries [spam] American Idol complete series box Mad Men the complete series [spam] Lois & Clark season 1-4 box Leave It To Beaver boxed set American Idol complete collection series 1-9 Numb3rs complete [spam], even with the elaborate and scheming plans he can not catch the roadrunner. He only comes to harm with his own ineptitude.- Road Runner continually eludes the plans of the coyote and is always oblivious to the dangers.- Pepe Le Pew loves the ladies Private Practice complete series box set 1-3 [spam] Sons of Anarchy 1-2 Castle complete series box sets White Collar series [spam] Intelligence the complete set Sanctuary box set [spam] That 70s Show complete Leave It To Beaver boxset australia Sons of Anarchy [spam] set uk, but his natural skunk stench has a nasty habit of sadly turning them away.- Marvin the Martian proves that Martians do exist and they cause no end of trouble to earthlings.- Taz is the hungry Tasmanian Devil based on the Australian marsupial who devours all the food he can find.These characters will forever endure Looney Tunes Numb3rs [spam] canada Castle on [spam] Sanctuary seasons Sanctuary complete series [spam] Private Practice complete seasons Melissa & Joey season 1 [spam], as one of the craziest and enduring cartoon series to ever be presented on the screens.

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