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Fanbooks are being created for each of the Idol contestant's that will be going on tour this summer. Fanbooks are scrapbooks made with submissions of everything from letters to postcards to poems to photos from fans around the World. We want to make sure the Idol's fanbook's are HUGE! You can see more about these fanbook's at

All entries need to be in your mailbox by July 25, 2009 to the following address:, PO Box 652, Fallston MD 21047-0652. If you cannot mail your entry in ANY way, you can email us at, but that should be your last resort. So, let's make these fanbook's HUGE! Start sending tons of submissions - you can send more than one!

Also, along with these fanbooks, we try to buy gifts for the Idols, such as roses and gift cards. To purchase gifts for the Idols, as well as funding the fanbooks, we ask that if you can contribute a donation, that would be great! Anything counts, even if you only have $1.00 to give. This year, we're aiming to buy a dozen roses for each contestant - that's 120 roses! Please, if you can, donate by clicking the "Donate" link.

Keep in mind, this is not so I can gain visitors. In the end, this is for the Idols! They deserve something as amazing as this in return for all the amazing talent they provide America.

Also, if you have any questions, you can E-mail us at
And, it would be GREAT if you could pass this along to get more people involved.

- Team

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