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The 1/26 American Idol auditions were held at Los Angeles. The guest judge of the night was Katy Perry of "I kissed a girl" fame.

Here are the highlights from the show.

Andy Garcia, whose parents were in gangs when they were younger performed Maroon 5's Sunday morning. He did a pretty good job and was probably the best of the night. The judges called him “excellent” and “a genuine good singer.”

Jim Rogers: the worship pastor from Bakersfield with a wife and three kids who sang his own composition, a song called “Drive.” It wasn’t half bad and he had pipes reminiscent of Michael McDonald. He’s the guy Avril thought might not be able to juggle a career and family, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to try.

Mary Powers: Mary belted out Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” revealing a strong raspy voice that had the judges smiling. Mary's 8 year old daughter was a big fan of Simon and Ryan brought her in to meet Simon at the end.

Chris Golightly a good looking guy, who seemed to be mixed race, grow up his childhood in foster care with several different families and his dream is to make it in music. With a lovely voice to compensate for that unfortunate hair, Chris sang a heartfelt version of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me.” While Kara and Randy bought into the back-story, Simon and Katy were concentrating on the vocals and only gave him a little “Y” yes to get to Hollywood.

Tasha Leighton: “Baby Baby Baby.” The judges also noted her likeability and Simon got all goofy joking that “If you made the top 12, I guarantee there would be an ‘Oh Happy Day’ medley”.
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I saw on youtube some of it.

Note how he gets all whiny when the tech and his "OT powers" are not working in the real world, LOL.

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