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2/9/10 show kicks off in Hollywood. We are introduced to new judge Ellen Degeneres.

First up was Katie Stevens. She was the one with her grandma having alzimers. She sings "For Once in My Life" by Steveir Wonder. Simon says "You are quiet good." She is through.

Next up Antonio "Skiiboski" Wheeler, who sings "Ain't to Proud to Beg"
Ellen points out that his singing face is frightening. "Sexy and scary is a fine line," she says, comparing him to a leopard in a cage stalking the judges. The judges pass, despite his protestations.

Andrew Garcia is next. He comes up with his own rendition of Paula Abdul's "Straight up" with a guitar. Judges loved it. Kara says "That was genius."

Country girl Venesa Wolfe is up. She sings "No Rain." This simple Tennessee girl made it all the way to Hollywood on an "aeroplane," but her horrible song choice did her no favors. It's good song, but she did a bad job at it. This girl better stick t country.

Janell Wheeler, "American Boy"
Also performing an awesome acoustic re-interpretation, Janell made me wish we'd seen more than 30 seconds of her auditions earlier. I think she will sail through to the Top 24, and probably much further.

Cornelius Edwards, "Cowboy Take Me Away"
"Why did you chose that song?" Simon asks in exasperation. To that I say, "Why did you idiots put him through just because he split his pants doing the splits?" He was terrible then, and little has changed.

Haeley Vaughn, Unknown Song
Her dream to be the first black pop country artist stays alive. Her guitar playing was distracting, but her voice was even better than when we first saw her. (She's an impressive 16-year-old.) Which naturally means Randy can only call her "interesting" and point out how intriguing it is to hear her singing country. Where was he the first time around?

Maegan Wright, "Who's Lovin' You"
Like many who performed with instruments (one of the few montages of the night I enjoyed) her piano arrangement was all over the place, according to Kara. Her voice is serviceable, but she's young. And she didn't have her little brother to help put her over the edge this time.

Lilly Scott, "Lullaby of Birdland"
Although her hair needs serious work (oh geez, I'm turning into Kara), her rendition of Ella Fitzgerald's song was solid top to bottom. Kara says it was "perfection" and that she loves her uniqueness.

Mary Powers, "Sober"
She did her full on rocker-mom thing with this song, which to me sounded a little copycat to Pink's original. The judges still think she has an amazing voice, and Ellen says she was very in the song. Mary breaks down, again reminding us that she's in this to win it for her young son.

Justin Williams, Unknown Song
The cancer-survivor plays at the piano, and the brilliant editing really only allows us to hear him riffing on a note at the end of the song. And then, the only comment we hear is from Randy, who calls it interesting. Since he went home, I guess it wasn't worth knowing anyway.

Jay Stone. Unknown Beatboxing
Simon cuts him off after a few seconds calling it ridiculous. "Something's wrong with his microphone," Ellen jokes. Unlike Cornelius, at least Simon protested to ever putting this clown through in the first place.

Tim Urban, "Come Back to Me"
He was shaky in his audition, but Simon gave him another chance. I though he was plenty shaky tonight, and not just in the chorus, as Kara notes. When he was hitting notes, he was good, and that must have been enough to get him through. I think he might need to put down the guitar until he nails his vocals.

Michael Lynche, "Waiting on the World to Change"
Big Mike starts with some stand-up comedy, threatening to pummel anyone who doesn't agree that he's the next American Idol. Also: His wife is going into labor as he sings. Anyway, his guitar-backed performance was nicely arranged and a drastic departure from his overly-soulful audition. I like the versatility, and his voice is still smooth and enjoyable. As Ryan says, "Baby is on board for group day."

Maddy Curtis, "The Nearness of You"
She has a solid voice, but I wholeheartedly agree with Simon that it was an awful song choice for the youngster. On vocals alone, I wish she'd gotten another shot, but the judges sent her packing. I hope to see her back on the show once she has a couple more years of experience under her belt.

Casey James, "I Don't Need No Doctor"
Casey is the surprise of the night. Though I still stand by my hatred of Kara's request that he take off his shirt in the auditions, he makes good on his promise to "show what he can really do" in Hollywood. What he can do is play a mean guitar, and the bluesy singer-songwriter in him comes out nicely. As long as he keeps his clothes on, he might be one to watch.

Crystal Bowersox, "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
She absolutely tears the song up, with some added backing vocals from the audience. The judges say she has a "real" quality, and I look forward to hearing more of her, hopefully with her guitar as well. (This is the season of instruments!) But sister has got to do some teeth whitening. (Sorry!)

Didi Benami "Terrified"
Another lock for the Top 12, in my book. I can't tell if she's trying to [spam] up to Kara by singing her song, but she blows it out of the park. (And she plays the guitar.) Simon then pulls a Kara and comments that seeing a waitress make it as a singer is what the show's all about. She's brainwashing them all, I tell you!

At the end 96 contestants made it through this round of auditions.
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