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This episode takes place in Denver. Victoria Beckham is back as a judge. Ryan Seacrest reminds us that Chris Daughtry was from here and so is David Cook.

Here are the highlights from the show:

Mark Labriola: Right off the bat, we got a genuine taste of talent, in the form of 28-year-old Mark Labriola, who wowed the panel with a sandpapery version of Squeeze's "Tempted."

Kimberly Kerbow has a sassy daughter. Good for her. She sings some Ingrid Michaelson and sounds pretty nice. I think she’s wearing a wig. She kind of annoys me. There’s some discussion of Simon’s hair. I don’t know. Simon reads that Kimberly’s a single mom and asks why. Huh? After a whole lot of blather for no reason, everyone puts her through. Simon thinks Kimberly’s trouble. I do, too. “Go and torture your ex,” he tells her as she leaves. Ha! He also noticed the wig.

We then had montage of assorted goofballs — a woman dressed in an electric-blue mariachi outfit, a tiara-clad glamazon, a hot dog and a winged gargoyle, to name just a few — and then we entered the "questionably talented" portion of the night's show, headlined by Casey James, a good-looking kid who survived a motorcycle accident ("The doctor said I'd never play guitar again," he told producers). James' audition — a flat-voiced take on John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" — was nothing special, but Kara and Beckham liked his look (they made him take down his hair and remove his shirt, BTW), and he got through, despite Simon's objections.

Then we meet Danelle (not Danielle) Hayes, who hosts karaoke and writes songs on the side. She admits that she didn’t choose the easiest path, and it’s even harder having a three-year-old at home, so this would be a great opportunity to further her career. She’s so in.

Danelle admits that she hates her job. Simon asks her why she’s crying. Danelle says that she started pursuing a music career a few years ago, and it was harder than she expected. She thinks it’ll get easier after this? Danelle sings “I’m the Only One,” sounding like every other rocker chick
we’ve heard on this show. Simon likes her and thinks she’s come in right in time, before she really gets broken. She hasn’t been allowed to be who she should be. Kara says this was a moving audition, and people look for moving auditions. Victoria wants Danelle to take her son out to celebrate. All four judges send Danelle to Hollywood. She cries more as she says that things are looking up.

Casey James survived a motorcycle accident that left him with multiple broken [spam]. His doctors told him he would never play the guitar again, but he does. I bet he’s in. He sings some country song (I don’t care enough to look it up – sorry), but Simon stops him and says it’s a bad audition. Kara disagrees. Simon says that his voice doesn’t matter since he has no charisma and doesn’t seem to be trying. Victoria has him take his hair down, and she and Kara coo over his look. He looks like Bucky Covington.

Kara and Victoria play with Casey like he’s a doll, making him take his shirt off. They say yes, claiming it’s because of his voice. Simon asks if this is Project Runway (heh) and says this is embarrassing. It comes down to Randy, who decides to give Casey another shot, telling him to find a star persona.

Day two opened with some more oddballs, one of whom inspired Simon to declare, "I think you just killed every cat in Denver" (one good thing about Tuesday's show: Simon really got to show off some killer one-liners). And then, finally, the first real breakout star of the auditions emerged: Nicci Nix, who spoke like she had just inhaled helium but unveiled a breezy, jazzy voice on her rendition of Girls Aloud's "Something Kinda Ooooh."

Haeley Vaughn was two months premature and considered a miracle child. Her dad died when she was ten and Haley thinks she got her voice from him. Her mom has expected her to come on the show since it started. Haeley would love to be the first black pop/country singer. I like this girl a lot. I love that she doesn’t use her back story for sympathy; she’s just a cheerful girl who deals with what she’s given.

Haeley sings “Last Name” with the same energy she has when she talks. Simon notices her lisp but thinks she’s cute. He likes that she’s different. Victoria likes that Haeley’s bubbly, and Kara likes that she’s unique as a black country singer. Randy warns her not to get too soundalike with other country singers. Kara says that Haeley should start lower in her register, and Haeley says her sister told her the same thing. The judges ask to meet this sister, so Haeley brings in both her sister and her mom. The judges give the family the good news together: Haeley’s definitely going to Hollywood.

And then there was 16-year-old Tori Kelly, who didn't impress much with her version of Mayer's "Gravity" but made it to Hollywood based largely on her outfit ("You're like a human orange," Simon hissed). And with that, day one in Denver came to a close.

Finally we have the likely star of Wednesday's online-search trends, a guy named Ty Hemmerling, who, in an apparent attempt to make it to Hollywood like last year's "Bikini Girl," donned a striped two-piece and attempted to sing Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart." He didn't even get to belt out two lines of the tune before the judges stood up and walked out on him, but not before Randy dubbed him "Bikini Boy." And a brief, shining star was born.

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