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Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:57 am Reply with quote
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I have a great deal of respect for you, your input to the contestants and your unyielding push to bring about the best in any of them on the show. Itís really the only reason why I continue to watch.

As a producer, Todd Rundgren, has taken the same approach to the artists he has produced over the past 30 years. Additionally, for his own music, has also demanded the same, following his artistic vision, producing his art with his own voice. This is one reason why I respectfully request that you consider Todd as a guest judge this season and feature a night of his music.

Toddís catalogue provides a wide range of songs from which to choose, covering pretty much every genre there is; country to pop, hard rock to hip hop, new wave to disco, making song choice vital. His melodies are challenging to sing and with his songs not being iconic, will afford the contestants an opportunity to put their own voice to these songs. These are the consistent messages you have driven home for the past nine seasons, proper song choice, make it your own, show who you are as an artist.

While I am confident you are familiar with Toddís work, Randy is perhaps also aware, having appeared on one of his albums.

Thank you for your consideration,
Ed Vigdor
Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:06 am Reply with quote
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I'll bet you.... or anyone, that in all the 9 years that this wonderful show has aired...That no one has e-mailed or messaged or verbally requested with a message *That made more Common Sense than this one!* American Idol management - American Idol Producers -All the American Idol Judges.... or the guy who empties the trash cans... someone in the AI camp listen to us WE are your fans speaking ...WE are your VIEWERS! Make us happy! And it will return to you ten fold!~ thanks for your consideration, Perry
Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:46 am Reply with quote
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To all at American Idol,
I urge you to take a good look at Todd Rundgren. He has spent many years in the music business. Not only with his own artistic ventures but, guiding and producing many other artists. I think he would be a tremendous asset to the show. Not only offering an awesome catalog of music for the contestants to choose from but, also sharing his knowledge and experience of the music business. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:14 am Reply with quote
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I would like to add-on as a signer on Ed's eloquent letter.

I was an AI fan a few years ago...Can't remember what swept me in because I don't watch television. I was SO swept up, however, that I participated on the Forums quite vigorously. During that time, I posted several times about how great a Todd week would be.

A Todd week would be phenominal and I would definitely start watching again.

Admins/Producers--give us a sign that you are alive out there and I will start with the very next show! (Which I believe is tonight!)

TODD is the Answer,
Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:11 am Reply with quote
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Todd Rundgren's fans are a faithful lot.
We have been spoiled rotten by his decades of music along an unparalleled spectrum of style and subject. From tender love songs to gut-busting rock 'n' roll. From humor to searing social and political commentary. From personal introspection to lyrical story telling. And everything in between. One can dance to Todd Rundgren music, meditate to the celestial sounds, shake out all manner of cobwebs to his red hot guitar playing, and find a soulful home in the lyrics. And because there are a ridiculous number of people who still stay "Todd Who?" we fans have been able to see him and his family of musicians up close -- heck! sometimes even front row, elbow to elbow with old friends or people you've just met who feel like old friends.

A few days ago, one fan rallied the rest of us to try and bring Todd Rundgren's music and perhaps the man himself to the American Idol stage. (Believe me if you want a cogent, intuitive, to-the-point judge a la Simon, you would find it in Todd. Just ask a few of the people he has produced over the years.) Judging from the AI fan forum, the bandwagon is now a wagon train. An Idol watcher since season one, I'm on board (even though I am wondering how good I will be at sharing!) Plus if my mom sees Todd on American Idol, she may finally see what the 35-year-fuss has been about.

Incredibly this artist with a forty year plus career is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. American Idol, you sassy pop kid on the block, step up and shine some light on Todd Rundgren.

Thanks so much.
Your friend, beeslipper
Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:48 am Reply with quote
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Please add my voice to the many who have requested Todd Rundgren as an artist who deserves to be recognized by your wonderful program. I think the generation of performers on American Idol would enjoy having some songs to choose from that maybe haven't been heard a thousand times by other contestants! And Todd's music has something for everyone, in every style of pop and rock music. PLEASE give our request some serious consideration. And thank you for nearly a decade of great entertainment!

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