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The prospect of seeing a movie after James Cameron's Avatar can be somewhat scary. It's fairly true to say that this spectacular movie about spirituality Babylon 5 complete set Andromeda box sets Peppa Pig [spam] [spam] complete seasons 1-5 [spam], nature and the consequences of human greed has altered the movie landscape.But what about the movies coming out in the next month or so Star War [spam] set Stargate SG-1 box sets [spam] Slayer complete box set Big Bang Theory season 3 [spam] australia Cold Case [spam] set Project Runway series boxset Baby Einstein seasons [spam] National Geographic series [spam] Hogan's Heroes box set seasons 1-6 Hayao Miyazaki box set collection Six Feet Under complete seasons Star Wars [spam] set all 6 movies uk One Tree Hill complete seasons, sure there is no Avatar sequel on the horizon but is there anything that can assuage a moviegoer's desire for big entertainment without compromising a good story?The first two films on the list both around Greek History and in fact they are only the first of a wave of films that center around ancient Greece to be coming out in the next year. Clash Of The Titans and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief are big budget spectaculars with proven storylines that are guaranteed to entertain and educate.Both refer to the mythology of Greek Gods Alfred Hitchcock [spam] La Femme Nikita [spam] [spam] Slayer box sets [spam] complete series box La Femme Nikita box sets The Next Generation box set [spam] LA complete set CSI NY box set Enterprise complete series on [spam] set [spam] [spam], Titans and demons and have some great messages contained in their archetypes and grand plays. To get the best out of both be sure to brush up on the main characters in this Greek drama on Wikipedia before you go to the cinema.Iron Man 2 is another character of myth The Wire complete box set Planet Earth box set Charlie and Lola box set The Tudors full box sets Hogan's Heroes 1-6 will and grace complete series, but more of the spandex type rather than the toga and sandals combo. The sequel to 2007's breakout success stars Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark GI Joe [spam] set The Vampire Diaries [spam] Andromeda [spam] Breaking Bad complete seasons 1-3 [spam] Hayao Miyazaki [spam] Peppa Pig complete series GI Joe seasons [spam], industrial entrepreneur by day and iron clad superhero by night. Power and responsibility are still the name of the game here. Add the extra superhero nods to Black Widow and Nick Fury played onscreen by no less than Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson and you know you are in for an eye pleasing geek-fest.If you're into mad fantasy then look no further than Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. Lewis Carroll's book was laden with allegorical power and deeper meaning in its sometimes crazy story. The film stars Jonny Depp as the truly Mad Hatter and if you're a Burton/Depp fan you really don't need to know much more than that to get you going!So there you have it. February to March is a great time to get past those Post Avatar blues and head back into the cinema for some big screen entertainment with a message.

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