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Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:56 am Reply with quote
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Have finally watched the [spam] final episodes of Season 5 a mean feat considering that the tv stations here are still on season two. Anyway all I can say is wow. Well House has finally flipped. We have always known he was a lunatic but now it is official. I feel that Cuddy should by all means avoid any romantic involvement with House. She is a mother now and has to look out for her daughter. Anyone think House would be a good male role model for a young girl?? Also House is basically a parasite demanding too much time and attention all hours of the day. No wonder he only has one friend. Wilson must have issues to hang out so much with House. Hope next season Cuddy will get to hook up with a good man like she deserves.

House should report back to work to find that he has been demoted and have to earn his privileges back. After all what is he gonna do quit? Who will hire him. The team should have by then become more competent in diagnosing the patients without him. They have been too dependant on him for too long.

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