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Posted: Mon May 25, 2009 3:26 am Reply with quote
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Here at we have recieved a few emails from fans that could not get through the phone lines to vote for Adam. This could mean that either too many people were voting for Adam and many voters could not get through or that Kris's fans were jamming Adam's phone lines but not voting, so that Kris could get more votes.

Here are some of the emails that we have recieved:

- Email from Idol Fan Forum: Melanie Self
- The message is: I thought the finally was the best one yet. I was
very upset with the results. Based on a singing competition like the
judges always saY it is Adam Lambert should have won. I know alot of
people including myself had alot of trouble getting in on the phone
lines. Some of the people I know never got in to vote. I think out of
all seasons this was the unfairest.


- Email from Idol Fan Forum: Robert Saldick
- The message is: I just wanted to voice my frustration with American Idol. I tried many times to vote for Adam, specially after you posted on Twitter that dialidol was showing a close race, however I kept getting busy signal and gave up.


- Email from Idol Fan Forum: EVE MARSON
- The message is: american idol is a sham - no way chris won
honestly what a manipulation game you played - we took a poll at
work out of 1010 people 989 picked adam to win = i don\'t think
america voted any different what a sham i wont be watching you
ever again

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