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The Sci-Fi channel puts out a lot of crap and we all know it. What with those ridiculous killer python movies, repeats of John Edward's “Crossing Over� And the occasional Dean Cain appearance, it's really, really hard to take the Sci-Fi channel seriously. This is why when they actually do have a great show, like Battlestar Galactica [spam], it is imperative that they pursue every possible avenue in which to prove the show is different than their usual uninspired garbage. The makers of Battlestar Galactica [spam] and the Sci-Fi channel have done just that. The TV series Battlestar Galactica seasons is produced jointly by the Sci-Fi channel, NBC Universal and Sky One of England. It premiered first on Sky One to English audiences in October of 2004 and in the US in January of 2005. An American show is rarely premiered overseas, but since Sky One shared the production costs, it was allowed. It also may have been the key to Battlestar Galactica [spam]'s success in America.
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